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Service for all events

New York City is host to thousands of events throughout the year. For NYC Limo Services no event is too big or too small for us to give our undivided and astute attention to. We love making a great night into a spectacular night for any and all people who honor us with their business loyalty. Contact us to get the limo or limo bus of your dreams to accommodate your upcoming event!


NYC Weddings have never been better in a NYC Limo Services vehicle! We have the highly professional chauffeurs as well as the most luxurious and accommodating vehicles to serve you and your entire wedding party in the most comfort imaginable.

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Birthday Parties

We celebrate with you this important day! So we have top-quality service and excellent limos and party buses to offer you VIP treatment. Whether for kids or adults, we have special packages for you to celebrate in a big way. Hop aboard our vehicles and live great moments.

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Bachelorette Parties

We want you to have the most memorable moments with your friends at your bachelorette party. Whether you are preparing a spa and shopping day, a crazy party, or a trip to visit the most famous places in the city, we have the best vehicles for you to travel in style and have an amazing day.

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Bachelor Parties

Our party buses are the perfect option if your wedding day is coming and you want to have the best party before leaving your singleness behind. Each vehicle has the highest features for you to live "the night-club on wheels experience". You can sing, dance, and drink your favorite alcoholic beverages while traveling around the city.

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Nights out

One of the prime benefits of being in NYC is the awesome variety of entertainment found throughout this amazing city! Enjoy a night out on the town like you've never experienced before, with the most comfortable and luxurious vehicles found in the entire area. What's better than a luxurious vehicle to take you from stop to stop? A professionally trained and highly competent designated driver!

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High School Events

Keep your teen safe, and happy with the best luxury transportation in the region! You'll love the fact that they have a highly trained professional behind the wheel to keep them safe, and they'll love being the center of attention when they arrive at their prom/homecoming/graduation in the lap of luxury!

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Sporting Events and Tailgate Parties

With all of the sports teams in the NYC area, you can imagine one of our most popular events are taking everyone to and from the great games which occur throughout the year here in New York! Tailgate parties are always better when centered around one of our prime party vehicles, and you'll love being able to travel to and from the events with your friends and colleagues instead of being forced to meet them "sometime" at the game itself. Let the party run throughout the whole event, and celebrate the big victory all the way back home after it's all said and done.

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Corporate and High End services

With all the businesses and conventions that happen every day in NYC, we've become highly proficient in delivering high-class services to our corporate and media clientele. Be sure to get to your event on time and in style like you've never experienced before.

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Wine Tours

If you are a wine lover, our wine tours in New York will surprise you. Enjoy a great selection of the best wines, fresh air, and beautiful views of premium wineries and vineyards in New York's wine region. Our winery tours are the perfect choice for sharing with your friends and loved ones.

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