NYC Limo Services Pricing Policies

With the great competition in the New York area for luxurious transportation, NYC Limo Services has adopted a pricing standard which in effect delivers the fairest pricing structure possible to all of our valued clients on any given day. Our pricing structure is a flexible one that is based upon a definitive "profit scale". What this means, is that our pricing is scaled based on our projected costs. So, when our costs are lower, we subsequently lower our pricing to adhere to our fixed profit scale.

When our costs go up during the high demand seasons, or when repair parts and other maintenance costs increase, we stick to the scale to insure that our customers are still getting the best value possible. Why does demand increase our operating expenses, you might wonder? Well, it's pretty simple, actually. The demand increases our operating costs because at that time, we have to keep more staffing on the premises to keep our fleet in new condition and clean as possible, and ready to go at a moment's notice.

So when booking, if price is inflexible for you, but the date is flexible... you're going to want to inquire as to when your best savings opportunity will be. When you call us, you're going to want to let your NYC Limo Services representative know how many passengers you're going to need to accommodate, as well as the date and time you're going to need services rendered. With this information, we'll be able to get an accurate and promt quote to you.

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